Some Bad Sleeping Habits Which Can Ruin Your Skin

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Some Bad Sleeping Habits Which Can Ruin Your Skin

For most of us, getting good skin means putting more focus on proper cleansing, and moisturising. But do you know no matter what beauty routine you follow, you can’t look pretty without catching enough sleep? So, if you’re at loss to understand why your skin does not look as healthy as you want it to be even though you’ve tried best of the beauty products available in the market and spent bomb on beauty salons, yet your skin look dull and far from flawless, blame your sleep habits for ruining your skin.
Oh, if think you’re not guilty of making sleeping mistakes because you always take your makeup off before hitting the sack, well, that’s not enough. And, the scarier part is that you don’t even realise that your sleeping habits are impacting your skin.

Below are some of the sleeping mistakes you need to stop right away if you want to healthy skin.

You sleep on your stomach or on your side

It would sound funny if we tell you to keep a track of the your positions you change while sleeping, during the night, so we won’t. But what you should do is when you hit the bed, make sure you lie straight and not on your stomach or your side.  According to a report published in Self magazine, sleeping on your stomach leads to back pain and wrinkles. Reason for this, as per the report,  is the friction on the skin that occur when you place your face directly on the pillow. It may also result in breakouts the following day.

Using rough pillowcases

Have you ever take note of the texture of the pillow covers you use? If you haven’t then you must because coarse lining of your pillow covers will only make things worse for you. Opt for soft pillow cases as they not only promise a peaceful sleep but also do better job of taking care of your skin.  When you use rough pillowcases for long term, you’re likely to get wrinkles, the breakdown of collagen and breakouts. Therefore, it is imperative that you use soft pillowcases of silk and satin to minimise the permanent creases and compression marks on the face. Besides, if you silk pillowcase, it will help retain moisture.

Using your cellphone before sleeping

Ladies, if you have the habit of taking your phone to bed, it’s time break this habit for good because the light emitted by your phone is not your skin’s friend. As per a report published in Prevention magazine, holding your phone close to your face while on bed and in dark, which makes you squint your eyes to see the screen, can cause wrinkles. In addition, the blue light will not let you sleep in peace either.

Sleeping with open hair

we know sleeping with a ponytail may not be a comfortable option for some but it’s actually good to tie your hair either in a top knot bun or in a ponytail while sleeping because sleeping with your hair open, your tresses are likely to come in contact with your facial skin and remember so will the natural oil or any other product that you have used on your hair. This too can also cause irritation and clog the pores.

Court Sentenced Accused To Ten Months imprisonment For Mobile Theft

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Court Sentenced Accused To Ten Months imprisonment For Mobile Theft

The Hon’ble court of 2nd Additional Munsiff Judicial Magistrate Srinagar convicted a person u/s 379 RPC.The accused had stolen the mobile phone of a lady in Lal-Chowk area when she was busy in her business activities .The lady approached police station Shaheedgunj & lodged complaint,on which FIR 08/2017 u/s 379 RPC was registered .Police immediately swing into action & on spot nabbed the accused.Investigation was completed & charge sheet was presented before the Court of 2nd Additional MunsiffJMIC Srinagar.Subsequently trial was conducted & during trial accused Farooq Ahmad Bagoo R/o Hamdan Colony was found guilty & sentenced to simple imprisonment for period of 10 months .The state was represented by the Prosecuting Officer Kurshid Ahmad Khan.

The investigation of the case was done on high professional standards & the prosecution teams efforts have been highly appreciated and complete faith on police investigation has been reposed.

Senior Police officers have expressed satisfaction on the investigation and the final outcome of the case. It is pertinent to state that the current year has seen a qualitative improvement in investigations and conviction rates have increased considerably.

Excellent police investigation leading to conviction appreciated

After Hizbul Mujahideen Warning, KU’s NSUI President Resigns

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 After Hizbul Mujahideen Warning, KU’s NSUI President Resigns

President of Kashmir University, National Students Union of India (NSUI), on Sunday resigned, hours after Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Reyaz Naikoo named him in a new video released here.

“I, the president of NSUI Kashmir University, had taken the opportunity to help my fellow students regarding the issues related to academics and mess. I have no affiliation whatsoever with any political stand. Now I am resigning from this position immediately,” Syed Muneeb said in a statement.

A student of law department of the varsity, Muneeb said that he has been active participant in student activism but was “unaware” about the NSUI.

“Ever since I joined Kashmir University in 2016, I wanted to continue with the endeavour. Student politics, as we all know faces a blanket ban in Kashmir University, and other institutions for years now and keep this thing in mind I had joined NSUI but I was not aware about it,” he said.

He added: “While main stream political parties always try their level best to establish groups within campus, some days back, I, oblivious and without any knowledge, joined National Students Union which in others words was a grave mistake on my part and after taking surrounding situations and at a time when this is all happening in KU, my conscience can’t allow me to be a part of any such group.

I therefore notify that I resign and declared that I bear no allegiance to this union henceforth.”

In a latest video, Hizb Commander said that the students of the Kashmir University form “backbone of the freedom struggle”.

“All most all the great scholars have come from Kashmir University and whenever there is any kind of atrocity on people anywhere in Jammu and Kashmir, protests are held in Kashmir university.

Whenever any Indian leader visits Kashmir, protests are held in Kashmir University and this aspect troublesome and painful to India as it exposes it,” Naikoo said.

“The freedom loving students of Kashmir University remain focus of India and various attempts are made to take them away them from the cause. Under this endeavour, Indian political parties admit students in the university from time to time.”

Naikoo said such students have two works to carry. “One is to keep them away from the protests and freedom struggle and other is to attract them towards their parties. Today NSUI works in Kashmir University and its role is to keep students away from freedom and attract them towards Congress.”

He urged students to give such attempts a befitting reply and “we ask those students who are part of NSUI to desist from it as soon as possible.”

“Otherwise, they will not get a chance to repent,” Naikoo said, adding, “we know who is working in the union (NSUI) and who is its president. Our cadres are in the university and they not remain in impression that we don’t know anything.”

Naikoo also urged parents to keep their wards away from such works. “Otherwise when we kill anybody, the parents say that my son was innocent, he was going university but they don’t know what their son was doing in the Kashmir university.” Gns

16 Years Old Among Two Militants Killed in Pulwama Fidayeen Attack

16-year-old among two militants killed in Pulwama Fidayeen attack

16 Years Old Among Two Militants Killed in Pulwama Fidayeen Attack

A sixteen-year-old militant was among two Fidayeen killed in a gunfight with government forces in Lethpora area of Awantipora tehsil in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

Sources said that Fardeen Ahmad Khanday who was a son of a police constable was among the two Fidayeen killed in the day-long firefight.

He was a resident of Nazneenpora area of Tral.

Another militant killed in the gunfight was identified as Manzoor Ahmad Baba, son of Ali Mohammad Baba of Drubgam Pulwama.

Earlier, police said that heavily armed militants launched a pre-dawn suicide attack on a CRPF camp in Pulwama district of south Kashmir, killing five personnel of the force and injuring three others.

Two militants who had taken cover in a building block in the camp were killed in the subsequent operation, said an official.

“Two heavily armed militants stormed the camp at about 2 am. They were armed with under-barrel grenade launchers and automatic weapons. They were challenged by camp sentries,” he said.

The official said they suspect the presence of third militant inside the CRPF camp. “The operation has been suspended because of darkness,” he said.

D.G.P’s Commendation Medal Announced DGP Congratulates 341 Awardees Sanctions Reward of over Rs 8 Lacs

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D.G.P’s Commendation Medal Announced DGP Congratulates 341 Awardees Sanctions Reward of over Rs 8 Lacs

Director General of Police Dr. S.P Vaid has awarded D.G.P’s Commendation Medal and Certificate, in favour of 284 Police personnel, 12 army personnel, 36 BSF/CRPF/SSB personnel, 3 civilians and 06 civil Government employees for their meritorious and exemplary performance rendered by them during 2017. DGP has also sanctioned Rs. 8,10,000 in favour of 270 Police personnel for their outstanding performance during law and order duties.

Dr. Vaid in his message has congratulated these awardees and hoped that they will continue to work with the same dedication for peaceful and prosperous Jammu and Kashmir.

The SSsP/SsP who have been awarded with the DGPs commendations Medal and certificate are Sh. Vivek Gupta, Dr. Vinod Kumar, Sh. Sandeep, Sh. Anil Kumar Katoch, Sh. Randheer Singh,  Sh. Vinay Kumar Sharma, , Sh. Raja Adil Hamid Ganai, Sh. Anwar-Ul-Haq, Sh. Suresh Kumar,  Sh. Ravi Kumar Gupta.

DySsP include Gaurav Mahajan, Raj Pal Singh , Rahul Charak,  Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman, Gowhar Ahmad Khan, Nisar Ahmed,  Showkat Ahmad, Mohammad Shafi Sheikh, Ishtyaq Ahmad Kacho, Zaheer Abass Jaffri, Farooq Ahmad,  Mumtaz Ali, Vishal Manhas, Sunil Kumar Kesar, Mohammad Muzaffar Jan, Jigmet Lhundup, Sajad Ahmad Malik, Ashiq Husssain, Sheikh Tahir Amin, Satish Kumar, Jaswant Singh, Zohaib Hussain, Sheezan Bhat, Pankaj Soodan, Smt.Albeena Malik,  Mubashir Rasool , Ajaz Ahmed, Farooq Ahmad, Darshan Singh, Akthar Khan, Rakesh Gupta, Bashir Ahmad Mir, Raghunath Singh, Ajay Anand, Gh. Qadir Khanday.

 CPOs who have been awarded with this medal include, Kulbushan Sharma, S.Bupinder Singh, Ghulam Jeelani Dar, and Sr.PO. Rajeshwar Basotra.

Inspectors include Syed Gazanffar, Mohd Ashraf,  Arshid Ahmad Khan, Shabir Ahmad, Tabraiz Ahmad, Ravinder Singh Parihar , Sanjay Gupta, Ajay Singh Chib , Jasbir Singh , Manjit Singh , Ab. Hamid Tantrey , Almas Sharma , Sadiq Mohd , Khursheed Ahmad , Sajad Hussain , Ranjeet Singh , Mushfaiq Ahmad , Manzoor Ahmad Bhat , Devinder Singh , Amit Singh , Showkat Ahmad ,Shashi Kant , Ranbeer Singh , Nisar , Tahir Hussain, Kamal Sangra  , Gulzar Ahmad, ,Vikram Sharma, , Gurnam Singh,  , Jatinder Singh , Rajesh Kumar , Azmat Abassi ,Qazi Syed Mahmood, ,Ashok Kumar,  Mohammadd Ibrahiem ,Faisal ,Shafayat Rashid.

Sub-inspectors include; Ghulam Jeelani , Basharat Ali ,Faisal Khan , Pawan Dogra ,Vijay Kumar , Sunil Dutt, , Shamim  Ahmed  , Ghulam Mohammad, Younis Ahmad Malik, Ghulam Sarwar, , Mukhtar Ahmad , Raja Waseem Ahmad ,   Nishant Gupta ,  Abdul Aziz , Daishe Kumari , Suresh Kumar , Bilal Ahmad,  Mohammad Iqbal, Mohd Rafiq, Virinder Kumar, Masroor Ahmad, Iftikhar Hussain Shah,  Saif.u.Din Lone,  Syed Iqbal Rashid, Gh.Hassan Parray,  Aijaz Ahmad Parray,  Madasar Naseer, Gh Mohi-ud-din,  Isha Mahajan, Vicky Thapa.

ASIs include Mohammad Ashraf, Tazeem Ahmad , Rakesh Kumar ,  Kamal Kishore ,  Baldev Raj ,  Shalinder Kumar,  Gh. Mohammad Dar , Gh Mohammad , Abdul Rehman , Mohammad Ramzan,Tariq Nissar, Parveen Kumar ,  Nisar Ahmad Khandy, Surinder  Pandit , Ab Wahid,  Mohammad Hussain ,  Ab Rashid Khanday  ,  Muzamil Hussain, Mohd Ramzan , Mohammad Amin ,  Gh Nabie, Ab Wahid, Aijaz Ahmad.

Head Constables include Manzoor Ahmad, Sat Pal , Jarmez Singh, Mushtaq , Javeed Ahmed, Mohammad Taj, Rashpal Singh,  Mohammad Hussain, Devinder  Sharma , Ashok Kumar ,Abdul Majeed, Avtar Krishan Koul, Rukhsana Mughal, Ragbir Singh , Manzoor Ahmad,  Jasvinder Pal , Sham Lal , Mohd Yousuf,, Kapoor Singh,  Mushtaq Ahmad , Mohammad Ayoub , Ab Rashid ,  Mohammad Shafi , Nazir Ahmad Wani , Aijaz Ahmad  ,  Hoshyar Singh, Ghulam Nabi Khanday.

 Selection Grande constable include , Habibullah,  Abdul Hamid, Manzoor Ahmad,  Tafzal Hussain, Sanjeev Kumar, Anil Kumar Sharma , Naseer Ahmed, Ali Mohd. Dharam Pal ,  Ashfaq Ahmed,  Sanjay Kumar, Mohammad Asif,  Syed Tasaduq, Shafat Khurshid, Muneer Ahmad, Ayaz Ahmad, Ashwani Kumar,  Basharat , Kewal Singh , Sumit Dogra, Yashpaul Sharma, Vijay Kumar, .Bodh Raj , Mushtaq Ahmad Shah, Rattan Lal ,  Dvr. Pritam Chand ,.Surikha , Rajesh Kumar ,Rajesh Kumar  , Nissar Ahmad ,  Baldev Raj , Yash Paul , Vijay Singh , Sukhdev Sharma, , Zaffar Hussain , Farooq Ahmad Wani, Ganesh Dass , Narender Kumar, Rohit Kumar, Zahidullah Bhat, Rakesh Kumar ,  Javaid Ahmad , Balbir Singh , Utam Singh, Parvaiz Ahmad Khan, ,Bharat Bushan,, Mohammad Amin Wagay, Altaf Hussain , Shashi Bushan , Bir Wali Khan, Sartaj Ahmad ,  Mohd Ashraf , Hilal Ahmad , Nassar Hussain , Javid Ahmad , Mushtaq Ahmad Khatana ,  Waseem Khalid , Zahoor Ahmad Mir  , Aijaz Ahmad  ,  Ab Ahad , Ab Rashid  , Bashir Ahmad ‘’ Manzoor Ahmad , Munawar Majeed, Ab Majid , Farooq Ahmad , Javaid Ahmad.

The constables who have been awarded with the Medal include Sunil Kumar ,  Jagdeep Singh , Gurjit Singh ,  Vikrant Gandhral ,  Sushil Kumar , Ravi , Sahil Sharma, , Zahid Beig, , Aman Sangral,, Satpal , Showkat Ahmad, , Priyanka Devi, Anju Bala, , Rita Devi, Usha Devi , Amit Kumar, Gulshan Kumar,,  Bhushan Kumar,,  Opr.  Bachan Singh ,  Ramesh Kumar .  Shamsher Singh ,  Mohan Lal, Sushil Raina , Abid Mushtaq , Nawaz Ahmad , Mudasir Amin,,  Abdul Rashid Hajam,, Mukhtar Ahmad,  Mohd Ashraf , Ab Majid Mir , Bashir Ahmad , Zakir Hussan ,  Bilal Ahmad ,  Yasir Ahmad ,  Ravees Ahmad , Tariq Ahmad Malla, and Foll Joginder Kumar Sharma , Ab.Rashid.

SPO include Abdul Rehman , Abdul Rehman , Pardeep Singh, ,  Masood Ahmed , Riyaz Ahmad  , Mohammad Amin , Sheeraz Ahmad ,  Rahil Ahmad ,  Mohd Shafi, Hilal Ahmad ,  Ab. Hamid ,  Ashiq Ahmad , Javid Ahmad.

Army officers and jawans deployed in J&K are Colonel Arunpal Singh, Lt Col.Amit Kumar Tiwari, L/Hav Liaqat Ali,. Nk Naseer Din, NK Anil Babu KK,  L/NK Gulzar Ahmed Wani, Rfn Ferooz Ahmed Mir,  Rfn Fayaz Ahmad Mir, Dafadar (ADT) Vijay Chauhan, Sep Gh Qadir Mir,  Sep Jahaneer Ahmed War and Sep Nilamadhaba Pradhan.

CRPF officers and Jawans deployed in J&K are DIGs Mohsen Shahedi, Narinder Paul, Commandants, P.P.Pradeep Kumar,  Daljit Singh, Radhey Shyam Singh, Vijay Kumar Singh, Dy.Commandants, Paras Mani Chander, S.S.Dev and  Asstt. Commandants,  Anup Kumar Tiwari, A.B.Kaipou, Balakishan Yadav, L.Ibomcha Singh, R.H.Hitler, Pradeep Lathar, Shashank Shankar. SI/GD Robinson, Avtar Singh, ASI/GD Amir Alam, HC/CT/GD Sankar Paik, Koshan Kumar,Rajiv Boro, Budhi Singh, Samiran Pathak, Sooraj Bhan Singh, Chauhan Amit Pratap Singh, Vicky Biswakarma.

SSB and BSF Personnel awarded with the medal are DC(GD) Shanker Singh, AC(GD) Naveen Sharma , SI(GD) Brij Mohan Singh,  HC(GD) Shabir Ahmed Khanday, Onkar Singh, DIG (G) Sh. SS Guleria, Comdtts,Sh Sanjay Kumar,R.S Dogra, 2 I/C Sh. Kamal Sharma,Insp. Pawan Kumar.

Civil Governament officers and officials who have been awarded include Dr. Shahid Iqbal Choudhary, Former Director FSL S.Jatinder Singh, Medical Officer PH Jammu Dr.Vivek Gupta, Physician Specialist PH Srinagar Dr. Ibrar Bashir Sherazi, Scientific Officer Pawan  Kumar Abrol and Pharmacist Shabir Abdullah.

Those Civilians who have been awarded with DGPs medal and cash reward of Rs 10,000 each are Shri Mohd Shabir, Miss Shabroza  and Shri Pardeep Khanna.

Awantipora Fidayeen Attack Update: One More CRPF Personal Killed Taking  Toll To Five

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Awantipora Fidayeen Attack Update: One More CRPF Personal Killed Taking  Toll To Five

One more Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawan has lost his life in the ongoing encounter between Militants and security forces in Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir, taking the toll to five.

The Militants had stormed a training centre in the Pulwama district in the wee hours of Sunday, of which three were reported to be killed in the ensuing encounter.

The Militants first lobbed grenades and then began indiscriminate firing and entered the training centre in Awantipora.

One Militant is still said to be trapped at in the encounter site.

With the daybreak, more troops were called in to neutralise the Militant. The buildings in the nearby area were also evacuated.

“Fidayeen managed to enter Lethpora camp at 2.10 AM. As per report, two of our men got injured during initial intrusion from J-K Police Commando training area side. There is quite possibility of similar type of attack on other camp also,” said the CRPF.

Further details are awaited. (ANI)

Traffic Plan on National Highway For 01.01.2018

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Traffic Plan on National Highway For 01.01.2018

Traffic on the NHW shall be allowed from Jammu towards Srinagar side only

The weather along the NHW is partially cloudy whereas in Qazigund and Jawahar Tunel sectors weather is cloudy.

The commuters are advised to confirm status of the road from Traffic Control Units at Srinagar, Ramban and Jammu before starting jouney on the NHW as chances of occuring of sudden landslides/shooting stones at vulnerable/landslide prone zones during night hours cannot be ruled our.

Keeping in view the over all condition of the road, especially between Jawahar Tunnel and Ramban coupled with narrow width of the NHW at some places, only one way movement of traffic is feasible on the NHW tomorrow on 01.01.2018.

Therefore, subject to fair weather and good condition of the road tomorrow on 01.01.2018, movement of traffic on the NHW shall be allowed from Jammu towards Srinagar side in a very regulated manner and for a specified time.

They shall avoid overtaking, over speeding, doubling, especially inside the tunnel and adhere to the road signs and instructions/ Do’s and Don’ts displayed on either sides of the Tunnel for their safe crossing and hassle free movement of traffic inside the tunnel tubes.

No movement of any sort of vehicle including convoys of Army, BSF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB etc. shall be allowed from Srinagar towards Jammu side on 01.01.2018 under any circumstances in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic on the NHW.

Commuters are requested/advised that vehicles are not parked in any landslide/ vulnerable zone of NHW, especially from Jawahar Tunnel – Ramban and Jawahar Tunnel-Lower Munda under any circumstances. The said road stretches are vulnerable/slide prone zone and therefore should be kept free from all sorts of traffic to avoid any eventuality.

People are requested to undertake journey on the National Highway after confirming status of the road from TCUs as the chances of occurring of sudden land slides on the NHW cannot be ruled out. They shall contact TCU Srinagar (01942450022, 2485396), TCU Ramban (9419993745) and TCU Jammu (01912459048, 9419147732) to get the status of the road before starting their journey. They shall also contact Traffic Police officers viz. IGP Traffic J&K (9419192362); SSP Traffic, Rural Kashmir (9419091281); SSP Traffic NHW (9596304020); Dy.SsP Traffic Udhampur/Reasi (9419013015); Ramban (9419185925); Banihal (9419233978) and Dy.SP Traffic, Kulgam/Qazigund (9697009080) in case of any assistance en-route.

Four injured After Car Plunges into Gorge on Kashmir Highway

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Four injured After Car Plunges into Gorge on Kashmir Highway

Four persons were injured, one of them seriously after their car met with an accident in Ramban district on Srinagar-Jammu highway on Sunday.

An official said that a car (bearing registration number JK 05D 7087) on way to Jammu from Baramulla skidded off the road and fell into a 100-ft gorge at Seri near Ramban.

Jammu and Kashmir Police and volunteers of Ramban immediately launched a rescue operation and shifted the injured to District Hospital Ramban. 

The injured were identified as driver Mohammad Iqbal, Mohammad Mukhtyar, Asgar Ahmed Mir and Ajaz Ahmed Khawaja, all residents of Kupwara.

Muslim Women Can Now Visit Haj Without Male Guardian: PM Modi

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Muslim Women Can Now Visit Haj Without Male Guardian: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the “discriminatory” practice of Muslim women being barred from visiting Haj” Haj without a ‘Mehram’ or male guardian has been abolished.

Addressing the nation through the 39th edition of his ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio programme, Prime Minister Modi said around 1,300 women have applied to visit Haj”>Hajwithout a male guardian.

“It had come to our notice that if a Muslim woman wants to go on Haj”>Haj, she must have a ‘Mehram’ or a male guardian, otherwise she cannot travel. This is a discriminatory practice, and hence we have changed this rule,” he said.

Further, Prime Minister Modi suggested that single women pilgrims be excluded from the lottery system implemented to select Haj”>Haj pilgrims.

“Usually, there is a lottery system for the selection of Haj”>Haj pilgrims. However, I would like to suggest that single women pilgrims be excluded from this system,” he said.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi, while delivering the inaugural address for the 85th Sivagiri Pilgrimage Celebrations at Sivagiri Mutt in Kerala’s Varkala lauded the passing of the Triple Talaq Bill in Lok Sabha as a sign of Muslim women being granted freedom after years of suffrage. (ANI)

After a Lull, Firing Starts Again At CRPF CTC in Awantipora

After a lull, firing starts again at CRPF CTC in Awantipora

After a Lull, Firing Starts Again At CRPF CTC in Awantipora

Firing has once again started in the CRPF commando training centre (CTC) in southern Kashmir’s Pulwama on Sunday.

Reports said that firing started in the administrative unit of CTC at Lethpora in Awantipora area where a group of militants had entered during the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday.

So far, four CRPF men and two militants have been killed

If You Want To Buy Smartphone For Year 2018 Here Are Few Best Choices For You???

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If You Want To Buy Smartphone For Year 2018 Here Are Few Best Choices For You???


If you’re looking to buy a smartphone, you’ll have to make a choice between an iPhone or Android devices.

While Apple offers only a handful of options, devices running on Android offer plenty of options for users with all kinds of budgets.

We’ve listed some of the best Android devices available on the market, from budget to premium. Take a look.

Moto G5S

The immensely popular Moto G5 just got an upgrade

An upgrade of the immensely popular Moto G5, the Moto G5S comes with a slightly larger 5.2-inch screen, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and dual SIM support.

The phone sports reasonably good cameras for its price, and comes with a 16MP rear camera.

It runs on Android 7.0, and includes a finger print scanner, and NFC technology for apps like Android Play.

Nokia 3

The Nokia 3 is a low priced, well-balanced phone

Nokia recently made its return and its entry level smartphone looks promising.

The Nokia 3 is cheap and comes in a cheerful variety of four colors.

Sporting a 5-inch screen, and 8MP front and rear cameras, the phone runs on Android Nougat.

Although it’s not the most powerful phone, it offers 20 hours of talktime for a modest price of around Rs. 8,000

OnePlus 5T
The OnePlus 5T is certainly worth considering

OnePlus’ latest entrant in the market, the OnePlus 5T is a formidable option if you’re considering cut-price premium smartphones.

With a 6-inch screen, the phone sports a massive 6GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, facial recognition technology, an edge-to-edge screen, and plenty of other premium features.

The best part? It’s relatively affordable at just Rs. 32,999.

Nokia 8
Take a bothie with the reasonably priced Nokia 8

Priced at Rs. 36,999, the Nokia 8 offers tremendous battery life and allows users to take a “bothie”, a selife and a normal photo at the same time.

It comes in a premium aluminium body, and with 64GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB via microSD.

Although it doesn’t compare to premium phones by Google and Samsung, it’s still a great option!

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 offers iris and facial recognition

Starting from Rs. 53,800, Samsung’s alaxy S8 is a gorgeous phone with a round edge-to-edge display.

Apart from standard finger print sensors, the phone comes with iris and facial recognition technology, and supports voice control through Samsung’s own Bixby virtual assistant.

The 5.8-inch smartphone is water and dust resistant, and comes with 64GB of internal storage.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro
Huawei and its AI-powered Mate 10 Pro

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro, according to the company, is the first AI-powered phone, running on its AI optimized Kirin 970 chip.

The 6-inch phone offers exceptional battery life up to two days, and comes with dual 12MP rear cameras, and a beautiful glass back.

However, Huawei dropped the headphone jack for this model in favor of a USB-C port.

Google Pixel 2XL
Google’s flagship Pixel 2XL

Starting from Rs. 68,999, the Google Pixel 2XL is a 6-inch behemoth.

With a screen almost covering the front of the phone, the phone has a funky design.

It easily has one of the best smartphone cameras in its dual 12.3MP rear camera.

The phone works with Google Assistant AI and can be hooked up to Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung’s powerhouse phablet comes at a premium price

Samsung’s flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 8, starts from Rs. 67,999.

The 6.3-inch phablet is powered by a massive 6GB of RAM, and offers an entire day of battery life despite being a powerhouse.

The phablet also supports Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant, and comes with a stylus for on-screen note taking, drawing and other functions.

5,500 More Cases of Stone Pelters Under Review: DG Police

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5,500 More Cases of Stone Pelters Under Review: DG Police

After announcing amnesty to 4300 first time stone pelters, Jammu and Kashmir police is reviewing cases of nearly 5,500 youth against whom cases of stone pelting have been registered during 2016 and 2017.

Disclosing this, Director General of Police, Dr  S  P  Vaid said that stone pelting cases registered in 2016 and 2017 against at least  5,500 youths are under review.

Addressing media persons, he asserted that the trend of local youths joining militancy was on decline.

“It is a downward trend”, he said without giving any figures.

However, the police chief said at least 75 youths were prevented from joining militant ranks while seven youths had abandon the path of violence and joined back their families. He did not  disclose their identity.

Newly-decorated  Additional Director General of  police, Munir Ahmad Khan, said that at least 24 civilians were killed during encounters in 2017.

Disclosing the annual arrests and possessions recovered by jammu and kashmir police are 18 people involved in criminal activities.

Police has also registered 888 cases, in which 1213 people have been arrested.

The recoveries are charas 174 kg, poppy straw 8, 259 kg, brown sugar 140 kg, ganja 201kg , capsules/tablets 247241, opium derivatives, 8149 kg, codeine phosphat bottels and 1285 injections.

The FIR’s against regarding women cases are 3168 in 2017, and 2739 in 2016. in which 3215 cases were registered in 2017 and new four women polie station have been sanctioned in Pulwama, Kupwara, Kupwara and Doda.

In this year thee are 130011 passport verifications, 20768 service verifications, LOC permit 2168 and LOC 369 trade verification.

The DGp added that police have helped 75 families to bring back their boys from the clutches of militancy.`(Kashmir Wire).

Sushma Put on Notice over Treatment Meted out To Kashmiri Prisoners

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Sushma Put on Notice over Treatment Meted out To Kashmiri Prisoners

India’s minister for foreign affairs, Sushma Swaraj, was on Sunday askd to see the condition and treatment meted out to Kashiri political prisoners.

An open letter, released by joint resistance leader, Mohammad Yasin Malik, comes in the back drop alleged soy, commander Kulbhushan Jhadav’s meeting with his family in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, after nearly two years.

The text of the letter addressed to Swaraj is as below:

Respected Sushma Suwaraj Jee
Minister for Foreign Affairs, India
Madam Sushma Jee:

In public life, from time to time, it becomes necessary to converse one’s insights, apprehensions and worries to others in public life on the imperative issues of our time in an open and honest manner. It is in this long tradition of public communication between individuals and in a spirit of honesty and frankness, that I address your good self through this open letter. I am penning down these lines not as a political campaigner but as a common individual, a prisoner, who has served many years of his life in Indian jails and is still forced to endure this torment on daily basis here in Jammu Kashmir. On 28th December 2017, I was listening to your emotional speech you made in Indian parliament wherein you in your own words illustrated the ordeal of Indian prisoner Kulbushan Yadhav’s meeting with his family in Pakistan on 25th December. Madam Suwaraj, believe me, your words touched the chords of my heart and as a person who has seen the miseries of jail life; I could envisage the tribulation Yadhav’s wife and mother had to go through. A human being has feelings and he/she displays these feelings in melancholies as well as in his/her exhilarations. This is what makes us distinct from the animal world. Being an advocate of human dignity, rights of prisoners and ascendancy of kindness over cruelty, I stand for the rights of Kulbushan Yadhav too. No matter who he is and what he has done or what he has been condemned for, he is a prisoner, a captive and every religion, international covenants and human norms endow him and his family certain rights which no one can and should deny. Allow me to use this occasion to call upon Pakistani authorities that Pakistan being a Muslim state has to be more heedful as the Holy Book of Islam and hundreds of sayings of our Prophet (PBUH) on the rights of prisoners and welfare of their families, their right to mutual meetings and a fair trial are well established facts that need to be pursued in letter and spirit.

Madam: as a prisoner, I can comprehend the pain of Yadhav family and when during your speech you said that Yadhav’s mother wanted to hug her son after 22 months of long separation but was not allowed to do so, my eyes got wet. My old wounds got scratched too by your poignant lexis. It recalled me of my old mother’s ordeal, who not once but many a times, in the same manner, after her repeated pleadings to jail authorities, was denied a chance to hug me, her only son, at many Indian jails especially at Tihar .This reminded me of the tears of my sister who could not tolerate to see me from behind a glass wall, talking on an intercom just like Yadhav. Her plea to touch me was also discarded on the pretext of security reasons. I recollect my little sisters’ tears rolling down her cheeks at Indian notorious Jhodpur jail in 1999, when the then superintend of jail rejected her plea with a strange argument that only blood relation was allowed a meeting and brother sister relation was not a blood relation in his view. As a dignified woman you can envisage the trauma my little sister “Aamina” had to pass through when she had to leave and travel thousands of miles again back to home without meeting her brother.

Madam: I and everyone who has some empathy left in him went into tears when you quoted Yadhav’s mother saying that on seeing her without Mangalsutra her prisoner son asked about the welfare of his father assuming that he might have died because mother was without a Bindiya on her forehead and Mangalsutra. I could visualize the situation as hundreds of times during my jail Yatra these kinds of thoughts haunted me too.

Madam: the ordeal of Indian prisoner and his family is painful for them but allow me to remind you that the records of your country in this context are also not so dazzling. It is India that hanged Kashmiri freedom fighter Muhammad Maqbool Butt without allowing him a last meeting with his family members. His younger brother late Ghulam Nabi Butt, who wanted to travel to Delhi to receive his elder brothers corpse, was arrested at Srinagar airport. Maqbool Butt in absence of his family members was buried inside the Tihar jail. It is India that, without proving his guilt and just on the pretext to ‘satisfy the collective conscience of India masses, hanged another Kashmiri youth, Muhammad Afzal Guru in 2013. It is on record that he not only was denied a last chance of meeting his 12 year son, 80 year old mother and a wailing young wife but even his proper burial was denied by the Indian authorities. The families of these two Kashmiris are still waiting for their mortal remains to be handed over to them. Isn’t it a grave Be-Adabi of humanity too? Moreover, Madam Suwaraj; there are thousands of Kashmiris who have disappeared after being picked up by Indian forces from their residences and their families are yet clueless of their whereabouts. Their wives have been named as ‘half widows’ (a newly introduced terminology) by well reputed international human rights organizations. The continued agony of these families is too worth consideration.

Madam: you raised some legitimate questions in your speech about the rights of a prisoner and his family and I also agree with you especially about the right to hug a mother, to touch his wife and to see his children. But this principle should hold same for every prisoner be he a political prisoner, a freedom fighter, a criminal, or any other lawbreaker. I recently met with the families of some prisoners from Kashmir who are in Tihar jail, held for their political beliefs. During my meeting with their kids and wives, they narrated before me the stories of same malice and humiliations. Daughter of one of these asked me to do something so that she is permitted to touch her father’s face. Innocent heart of her other sister is wrecked to the extent that she no longer longs for a meeting with his father through glass wall. This is what poor families of your prisoners have to face; A meeting with their loved ones behind a glass wall, a chat on intercom, without mother’s hug, without a physical touch by a daughter and without a close meeting of a wife with her husband, pains a lot. Stories of Syed Shabir Ahmad Shah to that of Ayaz Akbar, from Altaf A. Shah to Shahid-ul-Islam and from Peer Saifullah , Raja Meraj-ud-Din to Farooq Ahmad Dar @ Bitta Karatay and Zahoor Ahmad Watali to Naeem A. Khan and many others remains the same. Madam, I wish to put names of all those here who are languishing in Indians jails from many years ,whose families are facing a continued persecution, but lack of space and time is impeding me from that but believe me, Jails from Kashmir to Kanya-Kumari share same kind of horridness and tyranny.

Madam, as I have held before, I did not write this letter as a politician but as an eyewitness to miseries of jail life. I remember that in 2004, I was sent to Tihar Jail for I had failed to attend few hearings of my case at a Delhi court. The jail authorities removed all my attire and asked me to remove my trousers for a shameful rectum check-up. I resisted this undignified torture which was not meant for me alone but for every prisoner. My refusal to accept torture was reciprocated with an attack on me with bamboo sticks and Gun-butts which fractured my right arm. My sympathies with every prisoner are for these kinds of revulsions and miseries and I will always stand for the welfare of inmates whosoever and wherever they are. In-fact it was this conviction which enthused me to go against tide and plead in favor of late Sarabjit Singh at a time when I was sitting on hunger strike in Islamabad in 2013 against Muhammad Afzal Guru’s illegal and merciless hanging by India.

Madam, the tale of thousands of young Kashmiris and students, who are facing the wrath of your state from last many years is also worth consideration. During recent months and years I as a prisoner got a chance to witness the ordeal of these young Kashmiris at various police stations . I witnessed tribulation faced by these young boys and their families. Arrested during peaceful protests, these youthful Kashmiris are beaten ruthlessly in police stations and whilst their mothers and sisters visit them at police stations, the abusive language used by police officers against them and profanity faced by their mothers and sisters is actually beyond description. Regrettably this torment and mortification is responsible for pushing many of these young Kashmiris to a hard line path.

Madam: when you lashed out at a section of Pakistani media who according to you harassed Yahdev family in Islamabad Pakistan by asking unethical, provocative and abusive questions, I too felt dismayed. The family of a prisoner should not be harassed in such a manner. This is against normal human instincts, against Islamic ethics and our sub-continental morals. How could we be such cold-blooded? But madam! Let me remind you that this kind of unethical behavior is also not cartel of anyone alone. I was in Delhi with my wife and two year old daughter, to see them off. We had made a prior hotel booking but as we entered hotel premises, management refused to let us in. I pleaded with the hotel management but they refused to take a Pakistani (my wife and her little daughter) in. I was thrown out of hotel with my little daughter in my lap. I repeatedly contacted DIG Kashmir of that time Mr.Ifhadul Mujtaba, asking him for help. He assured me of aid and shifted my plea to ADG-CID with no respond. I contacted authorities in Delhi but how could they help me, as we had been thrown out of hotel at their behest. I along with my family had to take shelter at Dargah Nizam-ud-din for hours before a friend could host us for a night. It was not the first harassment; earlier your party activists also attacked me and my family at late Khawaja Abdul Gani Lone’s residential flat in Delhi. We were even not spared during our visit to Ajmer Shareef shrine. I got injured while saving my wife from stones thrown by the same people who stand with a slogan ‘’Ateethi Devo Bawa” (guests are like gods). In fact these nonstop attacks have left inerasable scars on the hearts and minds of my family and may haunt us forever and this is why I strongly feel for the unfortunate Yadhev family too.

Madam, antagonistic attitude towards each other has actually taken away humanity and humility from humans. Humans’ especially the divergent states often lay blame on one another for tyrannies and cruelty. In fact the whole world has turned a blind eye on human rights and human dignity now. How can one ignore Abu Ghareeb and Guantanamo bay jails set out by the mighty human rights champions, where humans dignity and pride was trampled callously, setting out a bad example for the rest of the world.

Madam: as a human being I stand for the ascendance of humanity in every aspect of life. Someone has rightly said that “failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough and that no success is final and no failure fatal, it is courage to continue that counts”. Let us take a leaf out of this present disappointment and tread a path that can make our lives more civilized. Difference in political perceptions, ideologies and endeavors of life shall not turn us away from what makes us distinct from flora and fauna. We have our religious teachings, international covenants and pledges, moral and social bindings that govern our individual and public lives. Let us all pledge to follow these promises and regulations at least in case of prisoners and make their lives and the lives of their families’ better. This couplet of Allama Iqbal’s describes this yearning fabulously and I hope one day this will become every human’s desire;

“Khuda kay banday tou hain hazaroon Banoo main Phirtay hain Maray Maray

Main us ka banda banooga jis ko khuda kay bandoon say Piyaay Hoga”

Thank you
Mohammad Yasin Malik

Good News For Unemployed Female Candidates of J&K Recruitment Under NSDC Udaan

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Good News For Unemployed Female Candidates of J&K Recruitment Under NSDC Udaan

Job Title : Customer Service Associates | Support Engineer | Team Leader | Section Incharge | Supervisors | Retail Associate

No.of Post : Various

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Lethpora Fidayeen Attack Update: Four CRPF Jawans And Two Militants Killed Sofar Operation Continue

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Lethpora Fidayeen Attack Update: Four CRPF Jawans And Two Militants Killed Sofar Operation Continue

Lethpora Fidayeen Attack Update

Four CRPF jawans and two militants killed so far in ongoing encounter in Lethpora, Awantipora. Also 3 CRPF personal injured. Operation in Final stage.

A report also came in from a National Media  TV channel that among these four jawans one Crpf jawaan lost his life due to Heart attack.

Till 3rd January Weather To Remain Dry in Kashmir: MeT Department

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Till 3rd January Weather To Remain Dry in Kashmir: MeT Department

The Jammu and Kashmir meteorological department has forecasted weather to remain dry till Jan 03, 2018.

An official of the Met Department said that the weather is likely to remain dry till January 3rd, as the clouds cover has disappeared from the sky.

The Srinagar city has recorded minus 3.6-degree Celsius temperature.

The tourist destinations Pahalgam has recorded minus 5.9 and Gulmarg has recorded minus 5.o degree Celsius. Kupwara has recorded minus 4.2 and Kokernag minus 1.9, respectively.

Jammu city recorded 8.0, Katra 8.2, Batote 3.2, Banihal 0.6, Bhaderwah 1.9 and Udhampur was at three degrees Celsius.

Leh was coldest at minus 11.4, and Kargil at minus 9.2 degrees Celsius.

Muslim Villagers Adopt Four Pandit Orphans

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Muslim Villagers Adopt Four Pandit Orphans

Setting up an example, Muslim majority in Levdoora village of Islamabad district performed the last rites of a neighbouring Hindu woman early this week. They also adopted her four kids who were already orphaned after their father’s death in 2016.

As soon as the news of the death of the Pandit lady spread in the belt, people in large numbers assembled to mourn and manage her last rites.

Nancy Koul and her husband Maharaj Krishan Koul were the only couple that refused to migrate. Their all relatives had migrated during the early years of militancy. Interestingly, they were married in 1990, at a time when the migration took place. Levdoora village had 35 families and all migrated but Koul’s decided to stay back.
Koul was a small time contractor who was also running a tea stall at Qazigund. Nancy was a homemaker and they had four children, two sons, and two daughters. The contractor died in December 2016.

In 2016 December, Koul died. This left the family reduced to literal destitute even though they were not earning hugely either, earlier.

Then, villagers assembled and raised the donation to manage the family. “When the father had passed away, we collected six quintals of rice and Rs 80,000. We opened two bank accounts in the girls’ names and deposited Rs 55,000 in it. We furnished their house with the rest. News 18, a Delhi TV website quoted a resident Mohammad Yousuf saying. “We are willing to do all of it again.”

After the death of Koul, the villagers wanted some sort of income to the family. They approached J&K Bank that employed his widow that would feed her kitchen.

Now, when Nancy (also referred as Baby by some reports), died herself on December 22, the village had to face the same situation, slightly tougher than 2016. Then she was alive and would take care of her kids. Now they have nobody from their blood relation who lives in the village.

Meenakshi is the eldest of the four who dropped out of school and would manage home and her mother, till she was alive. Her brother Sushil is in ninth class 9, along with Sapna. The youngest of them is Rohit who is in class third.

“Rohit is yet to completely understand the tragedy,” Mufti Islah wrote. “He goes out to play during the day and returns in the evening to lie down on Naseema’s lap, a sort of foster mother to the children.” Naseema told him that she has “breastfed these children, along with my own” and that “they call me mother.”

There were nearly 3,000 people, mostly Muslims who joined the last rites of Nancy. The women of the village were wailing and consoling her children in a typical Kashmiri Muslim mourning.

Ateeqa Begum, an elderly neighour of Koul’s said that they will take care of the children. “Even if I have to beg from people, beg outside mosques or from the people, I will take care of these children. These are our own children and we will take their care as we do care for our children”, she said.

Ateeqa said that they will not allow them to leave the village as it is the responsibility of the village to look after them. “We have decided that village will adopt these children and will not allow anybody to take them away from the village”, she said.

After receiving news of her death, their relatives had come from Jammu. “Aunt Jigri and her family have come from Jammu,” Telegraphnewspaper quoted Susil saying. “They want us to move in with them but we want to stay here. Our parents never left this place; we won’t either.” Their aunt lives in Jagti camp at Jammu.

Some of the Kashmiri Pandits who are serving the state and operating from Vesu camp had also come to the village. One of them was Sunny Raina. He was quoted by various newspapers for his observations in which he insisted that the incident should prove an “eye-opener” for “those vested interests who are running a negative campaign against Kashmiris by portraying them as communal.”

There has been another suggestion put forward to the village: Let them retain their ancestry but move to the Vesu camp for a living. Some of the villagers have not opposed the idea. Children, however, have not accepted the suggestion so far. A local private school has, however, offered free education to the kids.

“Villagers are again raising money for the siblings and are urging Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to find a job for Saroj, who has left schooling. A neighbour, Showkat Ahmad, has already taken her school certificates to start the process,” Nazir Masoodi reported for NDTV. He quoted Ahmad saying: “We will give these certificates to the government and the chief minister and ensure that they get a job. Last time when their father died we got a job for them in a bank.” {KL}.

Personal Appearance Of Secretary, Tourism/Warrants Against Director, Tourism: HC Tough On Contemp

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Personal Appearance Of Secretary, Tourism/ Warrants Against Director, Tourism: HC Tough On Contemp

High Court issued warrant against Tourisem Director in contempt & directed to be executed through Senior Superintendent of Police Srinagar.

Director Tourism was directed to show cause as to why he shall not be punished for contempt of Court order, instead remaining present before the Court for today’s proceedings, he filed application seeking exemption of personal appearance while as he was supposed to answer as to why not be punished for disobeying the Court orders.
Cour directed Registrar Judicial to issue bailable warrants in the amount of Rs.20,000 to seek personal appearance of Director on the next date of hearing.  

HC added that warrants shall be executed by SSP, Srinagar who in case fails to execute the warrant shall appear  on the next date of hearing.
Court has also expressed serious concern on the approach of the Secretary Tourism Department with the observation that despite having knowledge of Court direction how did he allow the Director to attend the event. “He too has prima facie opted  the line of avoiding appearance and showing disrespect  to the Court orders.

Court also directed the Secretary, Tourism Department  to explain on affidavit as to how he has deputed  the officer to attend  an event without seeking his exemption  in advance when he was knowing  that the officer has to appear in the Court.  Order added that in case the Secretary fails to explain the position he shall also remain present in the court

Airlines Badly Hit in Fog ‘Blanketed’ Delhi,Over 90 Flights Affected

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Airlines Badly Hit in Fog ‘Blanketed’ Delhi,Over 90 Flights Affected

Over 90 flights were affected on Sunday morning as visibility dropped to 50 metres due to dense fog at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here, the heaviest this year.

While 54 domestic flights were delayed and 17 diverted to other airports, eleven international flights were delayed and 8 were diverted due to the dense fog, according to flight information available on the airport’s website.

So far there have been 4 cancellations, including three domestic and one international flight, according to the information.

RK Jenamani, Director, IMD, Delhi area and IGI airport said, “Runway visibility since 5.30 am has been between 50-75 metres. This is so far the worst fog we have experienced this year.”

Delhi airport has advanced technology for low-visibility landings, called CAT IIIB. As a result landings can take place with a visibility of 50 metres. However, for take-offs a minimum visibility of 125 metres is required. (PTI)

Srinagar Man Who Raped And killed Six Years old Girl To Be Hanged

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Srinagar Man Who Raped And killed Six Years old Girl To Be Hanged

A trial court in Srinagar on Saturday awarded death penalty to convict Farooq Ahmed Pinzoo for raping and murdering a six-year-old girl in 2005.

“Convict is awarded capital punishment. He shall be hanged till death,” the court said, referring to various Supreme Court Judgments to term the crime as rarest of rare.

Second Additional Principal District and Sessions Judge Srinagar, Tahir Khurshid Raina, awarded the death penalty to Farooq Ahmad Pinzoo of Mehjoor Nagar, Srinagar, after public prosecutor Mujeeb Andrabi pleaded before the court that the accused be given the severest punishment as he had raped and killed the little minor gruesomely. “The accused be hanged to death so that others may take a note of these gruesome incidents,” the lawyer said.

The judge said it was unpardonable “that a little doll of just six years of age, who was yet to bloom and add to the beauty of the world, was crushed to death in the most horrendous and barbaric manner in the year 2005 by the accused/convict.”

He added that after committing this highly detestable act of extreme depravity, the accused wrapped the girl’s dead body in a sack and threw it in a trench to conceal it from the eyes of people around.

When all members of the said locality were searching for the girl, he was a mute spectator…

This incident sent a shockwave in the entire area and everyone came out to search for her and pray for her safe recovery. Finally, on fifth day since she went missing, she was recovered from the trench in a sack,” the judge said.

The judge added that thousands of people assembled on the spot and when they saw the girl’s body, there was condemnation all around and an outcry to nab the culprit.

“Public discontentment was so huge that police had to install a special camp there and after a month’s time they succeeded in nabbing the culprit, who was none else but the resident of the same locality whom the deceased of tender age would have treated with respect and as a custodian of her life,” the judge said.

Fidayeen Enter CRPF Training Centre in Pulwama, One Trooper Killed, Gunfight on

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Fidayeen Enter CRPF Training Centre in Pulwama, One Trooper Killed, Gunfight on

At least one paramilitary CRPF personnel was killed and several others were injured after a group of Jaish-e-Muhammad militants attacked their training centre at Letpora area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district during pre-dawn hours on Sunday.

Official sources told that a group of militants believed to be two in number carried out the fidayeen attack at around 2:30 am by opening indiscriminate fire and lobbed grenades inside the camp.

“All the attackers later entered inside the training centre of CRPF 185 bn and engage the troops in a gun battle”, they said.

The 4-storey building consists of 3 blocks, and block-one is used for officer’s family accommodation, 2nd block as main office while block three has been targeted by militants, they said.

“Soon after the attack, reinforcement of army’s special forces and SOG rushed to the spot and cordoned off the whole area amid fierce gunfight”.

In the initial exchange of gunfight, three paramilitary CRPF were injured, they said, adding all the injured were evacuated to army’s 92 base hospital in Badamibagh, Srinagar for treatment, they said.

Among them, one Constable Sharif-Ud-Din of Nawgam, however, succumbed to injuries, they said.

Sources said constables Narender, who sustained bullet injuries on his calf muscle and Malve Samadhan, who sustained bullet injuries on his right shoulder, are stated to be out of danger.

When reports last came in, the exchange of firing was going on between the two sides.

CRPF’s spokesman Rajesh Yadhav said that two militants opened indiscriminate fire and injured three personnel who were rushed to hospital where one of them succumbed. “The militants have not been neutralized so far,” he said. 


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Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “When a Muslim, or a believer, washes his face (in the course of Wudu’), every sin which he committed with his eyes, will be washed away from his face with water, or with the last drop of water; when he washes his hands, every sin which is committed by his hands will be effaced from his hands with the water, or with the last drop of water; and when he washes his feet, every sin his feet committed will be washed away with the water, or with the last drop of water; until he finally emerges cleansed of all his sins.” [Muslim]●

New Year With Novice Hopes

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New Year With Novice Hopes

The analysis of last two years drove us back to tribal mentality of subsistence 

      This time of year is time of critical introspection of our progress in recent years to enter the new year with inspiring hopes for promising youth. This time of year finds everyone in recollection and reverie mode! Memories of the self through hard times and good in the year gone by tend to rise on the mind screen. Relief for things one was able to manage well ,regret for other things that soured either because of misunderstanding or impatience or lack of choice. Everyday starts with promising note for every human being who is capable of distinguishing between rational and irrational, ideal and real,scientific and unscientific, ethical and non ethical,moral and immoral and so on. Being elite in nature among whole living community of planet, human beings stand on sentinel of their regulation and control to progress and suit the teleological end of humanity.  From analytical point of view the success story  is contrary to what is being perceived to claim the sobriquet of worthy development for mankind. The biggest tragedy of ours is to dislike where we have failed yet create pandemonium about our achievements. Syria or Iceland? Hungary millions or surplus Americans? Artificial intelligence giants(Japan) or Somalia( no electricity? Palestine or East Timor? Kashmir or kerala?. How does our leaders can justify these opposing poles is mystery of enclosing week of 2017 on eve of stepping into 2018.

         The success story relies on three prominent factors : knowledge, skill and attitude. They help to make progress and provide avenues for us to gauge the enclosing years success on various fronts. While elaborating the ist dimension , it takes into insights of What To Know. It’s an established universal reality about knowledge that one which leads to resolution of fault lines through thinking ability of human beings. To cite an example is to make pellet guns culprit in our backyard. Though angry youth acted against established legal order but humane treatment to humanity is the resolution of those fault lines. This dimension leads us to point where the introspective steps should be taken to modify our policies in future like fulfillment of loss in education sector(shutdowns) and Economic sector. The need of hour is refit our deteriorated system at home otherwise the mere recognition serves none other than sending coals to new castle. 2nd front is to implement that learning or knowledge on ground level. This orientation takes the search to How to Know or the application of resolving fault lines in day to day activities. Herein lies the serious gap in kashmiri environment. Every time we rise on  prospect of aspiring hopes but alas! Most often we fail to turn the vigour and vitality into future full of blossom and sweet ripened fruits for generations to come. It’s clear  lacking in our skill availability to derail our educational sector in prospect of long term peace. It’s necessary on our part to remind our youth, no society thrives on illiterate minds which could only manage to taste smoking and drinking. The need is to separate our priorities with crystal clear backing for socio economic development to outshine the counterparts in development path,lest we fail to produce intellectuals in place drunkards and goons. 

       Thirdly success story is determined by attitude of humanity towards aims and objectives over and above the acclaimed development on ground. This pole is much fast than other dimensions to clearly guide us towards success to accomplish the ever remaining goal of humanity. All in one the serious analysis takes pause to remind the grief about Attitude factor of humanity. While analysing the past, success is claimed as sobriquet beyond imagination by being blind towards slew of failures. There’s huge list of missing linkages where the merit of doing better was ignored on pretext of being unnecessary to humanity at large.Back home the tragedies of 2016 and 2017 to shut down every kind of day today activity is always taken as short term loss to improvise thereafter without take note of fact that “Time is a valuable gift of time itself”,it albeit provides opportunity for mankind to improve but shall not be made to believe for quid pro quo. The development on attitudinal front seems severe with ample amount of risky passages to imagine one’s work in relation  to world gives it more meaning and suddenly makes the details more important. 

      How does one develop such mindset ,one that connects us to objectives and their realisation? Is it possible for all kinds of mentalities?. Here I shall remind the saying ” the best reward of a person’s work isn’t what he gets out of it ,but what he becomes by it “. At the last hour of year their’s a need to introspect our place of prominence in  our counterparts along length and breadth of planet. We have a pool of committed intellectual ability in form of aspiring youth of valley. There’s need to utilise the energy and guide the future to more progressive and promising trajectory. Inspiration of generation rests not in the power corridors of government nor in the legal luminaries of judiciary or that of Bureaucracy but the human resource development of society. It takes the focus away from what we might get out of work (which is often the source of much pressure and tension) in the process ,freeing youth to actually pay attention to the details and do a better job!. The answer likely lies in our change of mentality to resolve while adapting any strategy for resolution of issues at hand otherwise the time is bound to left us in lurch despite the inspiration as our sidekick in entire history.

       After thoroughly understanding the pros and cons of recent years progress,the tragedy seems awaiting at our doors in backyard. The lament isn’t much  about loss of lives albeit their irrepairable damage to kith and kin of our families but the out of school days of promising and inspiring youth with much avid and enthusiasm to shine their career through better pursuits of future life. Who could act as pep talk of our youth? Who is ready to offer us promising year after bloody 2016 and blockade of 2017? The ending note need to be unbiased in transferring burden entirely on government’s shoulders as is maintained ” Change begins from society itself”. Their’s a need of active collaboration between government of the day and youth through civil society organisations or NGO ‘S to help act as break waters to storm for much awaiting reform in societal behaviour of kashmir. Although change is bound but the piecemeal techniques of insemination of ides through education would make it easy. Our youth is a hidden resource in embryonic form which can stood steadfast in front of any task if provided avenues to flourish. Scepticism is there for me to look for with fingers crossed. ………..

Shahid Majeed Mir
Misribehak Machil Kupwara

Fake Currency Case: NIA Court in Jammu Sentence Six Persons To 6 Years in Jail

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Fake Currency Case: NIA Court in Jammu Sentence Six Persons To 6 Years in Jail

A special NIA court in Jammu has convicted and sentenced six accused in a 2009 fake currency case to six years imprisonment. 

The case (FIR 07/11) was initially registered at Police station Janipur, Jammu on 11 November 2011 under section RPC sections of 120B (criminal conspiracy), 489B (using fake currency notes) and 489C (possessing fake currency)  and under section 13, 38 & 40 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act against four accused persons—Shahid Sheikh (West Bengal), Zakir Hussain (West Bengal), Mubarak Ahmad Bhat alias Shahil (Jammu and Kashmir ) and  Shafqat Mohi-uddin Kuchey alias Shaukat (of J&K) for the possession of fake indian currency notes having face value equivalent to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs.  

Later National Investigation Agency took over the investigation of the case on 19 May .2011 by re-registering the case (RC-No.07/11/NIA/DLI under section 120B, 489B & 489C of RPC and section 13, 38 & 40 of the UA (P) Act.”

During the course of investigation, the NIA arrested three more persons in the case namely Mohammad Salim Khan, Badal Sheikh and Fayaz Ahmad Rather. After the completion of the investigation, the NIA filed charge sheet in the case against seven accused.

On Saturday, the NIA Special Court Jammu convicted six accused persons—Shahid Sheikh (Malda, West Bengal), Zakir Hussain (Malda, West Bengal), Mubarak Ahmad Bhat alias Shahil (J&K) and Shafqat Mohi-uddin Kuchey alias Shaukat (J&K), Mohammad Salim Khan (Malda, West Bengal) and Badal Sheikh (Malda, West Bengal) while it acquitted other accused—Fayaz Ahmad Rather.

All the convicted persons were sentenced to undergo imprisonment of six years and also to pay a fine of Rs 10,000 each. (GNS)

Government is Serious About Development only in Statements, Not in Practical

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Government is Serious About Development only in Statements, Not in Practical

By Rayees Veeri

The Construction of new plan of link road from khanabal to thajiwara was started one and half year ago. But the construction of road is yet completed only from khanbal to veeri.

The road is 11 feet from veeri to thajiwara  and the sideways are 2 feet deeper  than the level of road which is filled by stones.

The construction of road was stopped by the constructor 1 year before without any reason by which Locals are facing lot of problems from last one year.

Locals told us that they are facing problems while walking on this road.

The vehicles running on this road are also effected by this damaged road. The villeges which lies on this road are Veeri, Joibal, Shahabad, Leribal, Krindigam and Thijiwara, hence a huge no. Of people is effected due to the under constructioning condition of this road.

Authorities must take a serious step in order to complete the road so that public will get benefited.